The Stilt brings AMD Trinity to within 100MHz of 8GHz - 7904.86MHz validated

The race for the Trinity Frequency crown is still on! After the battle seemed settled after Hicookie took the record at a public AMD event in Taiwan, it's the Finnish overclocking "The Stilt" who takes back the #1 gold for Trinity. Even though The Stilt has been around for much (much, much!) longer than most of us, most of us will known him from the recent work he did on TCI K², a software application that allows you to finetune your Trinity-based processor.

There's more to Trinity overclocking than just finding the best CPU, it seems. Not only do you need the "LN2 mode" for optimal temperature range, The Stilt is also hinting that additional VRM tuning is necessary. Let's see how the industry will use that hint and update their boards.


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