Projekt "Angelbird" - Second PCMark05 WR attempt at Metalab, Vienna are trying to set an overall PCMark05 record in front of a live audience. Looks interesting - I'll definitely check out the livestream.

Good luck!

If you missed our world record attempt last week, smile! Tomorrow (well, today), Friday December 7, at 10AM we make another attempt to set a record in PCMark05 in front of a large audiences. It's a very short notice, but if you want to look over our shoulders - head out to the Metalab in Vienna. In addition, we've also prepared a live stream !

Last Friday in Lustenau we did not only attempt to break 60,000-point mark, but also the world record in PCMark05 in front of spectators. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong also went wrong. So, we make a second attempt, and invite you to the Metalab. Who needs to sit in the office on Friday morning, should not mourn. We have prepared a live stream which will sweeten your day.

Here once summarized all the facts:


  • Friday 7, December from 10 clock. We are all drama hopefully can knock out and get equal the world record!


  • Metalab
  • Rathausstraße 6
  • 1010 Vienna
  • Google Maps: link

Live Stream?

10:00AM GMT+1

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