GPU Overclocking Apps Review with Interview of RivaTuner Creator

Nice interview. Too bad Ivan was subjected to the haters of the internet. I really can't understand why you would be rude to someone who has done so much for overclocking and the community.

Well fellow geeks and overclockers, I have a real treat in store for you. In the spirit of overclocking applications, I was fortunate enough to have the creator of RivaTuner, Alexey Nicolaychuk also known as Unwinder, answer a few questions through an email interview.

We have talked about RivaTuner earlier and we will talk about it more later, I hope by now you realize the importance of this software and how RT pioneered just about everything required in a GPU overclocking application today. Alexey is very busy so I made the interview a simple list of questions, but I’m sure if you bug me enough in the comments below the article I may be able to get a few more answered!

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