Russian dethrones AndreYang and becomes new #1 in the HWBOT Pro OC League

Right before the weekend, the Russian OC group became the new #1 in the HWBOT Pro OC League. After having hunted down AndreYang for a long time - OCLab was #2 for a while - they finally managed to take him down thanks to a more than excellent Core i7 3770K combined with 680's, 7970's and even an old 5970 and GTX580.

By hitting top notch scores all around nearly 70k 3DMark05 and 7x Global gold - OCLab put Russia back on the OC Throne. I wonder how long it will take for AndreYang, SF3D or even Team.AU to claim the throne as their own ...

Congratulations, OCLab!

(ps: also check out the Russian article at link)

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