Off-topic: SA overclocker Vivi presents his graduate 3D short film

South African Vivi recently joined the MSI MOA 2012 Grand Finals in Taipei as the youngest participant at the competition. Even though he didn't win, we all know he's well-capable at overclocking. In his offline life, Vivi was attending a 3D animation school in South-Africa at which he has worked on a graduate 3D short film called "Witch".

Check it out!


Belgium Massman says:

Comments here:

Australia JJJC says:

Vivi wasn't the youngest participant. :p Cool video though!

South Africa Vivi says:

jjjc said: Vivi wasn't the youngest participant. :p

Cool video though!

Yes i was 3rd youngest quake is also younger by a few months! Still look the youngest maybe :D

Thanks for sharing it means alot!

Bulgaria GunGod says:

Very nice anim VIVI!

Russian Federation Patriot219 says:

good music

South Africa Saito says:

Go help design the next 3D mark lol and also i want to see a follow up hate bad endings haha a benchmark of this could be called 3D mark END lol

Eeky NoX says:

"Fim" is a new word Massman? Typo in title plz ;) I repeat here, great work Vivi! I like the atmosphere and how the music matches with action :)

GENiEBEN says:

Am I the only one that watched it on mute? Now I have to replay :D

Belgium Massman says:

Eeky NoX said: "Fim" is a new word Massman? Typo in title plz ;)

Fixed :)

Greece hipro5 says:

Lately I don't post a lot BUT this video was PERFECT for start and I had to say it.... :)

United States reggiesanchez says:

video is awsome vivi

South Africa Vivi says:

Thanks guys! And wow hipro5! appreciate it big time :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

When's part 2 ? Horror thingies always have at least one or two sequels :) Nice job !

Australia Jimba says:

awesome video,viv great mate :D So when is the 2nd one? :p

Canada Vinster says:

good video, I like it. how many man hours went in to making that video?

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