HWBOT v4.6.12 released

First sprint we deliver together with our new developer Dennis, and already a major amount of bugs have been squashed!

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.6.12


  • [HWBOT-581] - Submissions not always linked to same team as user
  • [HWBOT-658] - Competition points are not recalculated ?
  • [HWBOT-769] - Competition (participation) points not awarded
  • [HWBOT-783] - Mailing service not functional
  • [HWBOT-788] - Achievements not working
  • [HWBOT-833] - I18n: fix various internationalization issues
  • [HWBOT-834] - Logging out is broken on non production systems
  • [HWBOT-835] - Submission score is sometimes parsed incorrectly
  • [HWBOT-841] - Moderator exploit when switching teams
  • [HWBOT-845] - Maxxmem score not always parsed correctly
  • [HWBOT-848] - Disk benchmarks (as ssd) should be added to the general submit score page
  • [HWBOT-850] - Browsing hardware throws Exception


  • [HWBOT-839] - Spike: 3DMark for Windows 8 - too many 3D benchmarks?


  • [HWBOT-38] - Memory benchmark: add memtcas filter in search
  • [HWBOT-58] - IP logging for each score
  • [HWBOT-403] - Improve search permalink format
  • [HWBOT-411] - Unigine submission: 'prepopulate' screenshot
  • [HWBOT-458] - Forum icon in HWBOT Twitter News
  • [HWBOT-646] - Remove result from competition without blocking it
  • [HWBOT-696] - Add support for 3x CPU socket
  • [HWBOT-761] - No 'octo-socket' tab on CPU overview page
  • [HWBOT-775] - Add indication how many active members a team has
  • [HWBOT-798] - Non-partner names should be hidden in the WR table
  • [HWBOT-809] - HCE: Processor cooling limitation
  • [HWBOT-811] - Wordpress 'news' should not be visible as frontpage news
  • [HWBOT-812] - Prevent Cross Site Scripting issues
  • [HWBOT-837] - Search by (CPU/VGA) socket
  • [HWBOT-851] - Additional contest_benchmark ranking_type for Country Cup


  • [HWBOT-840] - Improve mailer: Google quick unsubscribe, only mail active members
  • [HWBOT-847] - Disable forum password recovery e-mails


Germany QAI says:

Ahh thanks for the "search by socket", very usefull :)

Farjam says:

thanksss for this : [HWBOT-847] - Disable forum password recovery e-mails the recovery didnt work for me(even in "my account" setting changing forum password is impossible) for 1 month! :D

Canada Vinster says:

thank you for AS SSD on the submit page :) Vin

Belgium Massman says:

Congratulations for the development sprint, Frederik and Dennis!

Christian Ney says:

Thanks Dennis

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Give that guy a raise, before he leaves the building :)

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Going abnormally slow for anyone else today or just me?

Sweden The Mutt says:

El Gappo said: Going abnormally slow for anyone else today or just me?

Same here and my submissions today don't get any points. Seems like the subs just gets put in queue.

K404 says:

Yea, tragic slow here and last nights submissions didn't "go through" until late this morning. New sub-version has added problems?

Christian Ney says:

Because I hit the button that recalculates the whole hwbot :D

Will take some time :p

K404 says:


Australia JJJC says:

Liking the new changes, especially to the team page. Awesome stuff. :D

Christian Ney says:

K404 said: Srs?


K404 says:

Scary! Shame it can't be done in stages.

just_nuke_em says:

Apfelkuchen said: Ahh thanks for the "search by socket", very usefull :)

Best thing I've heard all day :ws:. Thanks guys.

United Kingdom borandi says:

Nice one :) How long are your sprints then? 2 weeks?

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

How long until we are back up to full speed??

Netherlands nok9000 says:

945 submission(s) in processing queue...

India mavihs says:

Christian Ney said: Because I hit the button that recalculates the whole hwbot :D

Will take some time :p

thats why hwbot is awfully slow today!!!
approx 1011 submission(s) in processing queue...
any clue till when it'll be up & running fast again?

Belgium Devroush says:

Little update on this: site is back up to full speed :).

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