AMD Extreme Overclocking Show @ Taipei, Taiwan on November 20 - Update: ASUS backs out, 4 teams show

AMD recently released the AM3+ Piledriver and FM2 Trinity based products to the market and are currently in the process of promoting the overclocking capabilities of both new CPU architectures. In Taiwan, AMD has organized an Extreme Overclocking Show featuring (so far) four different vendors showing off their products in public. Originally it was going to be an overclocking 'competition' but as the corporations got nervous about the idea of a public competition, the event changed to just a show where each team is supposed to hit the (easy) OC targets of 7.5GHz on Piledriver and 6.5GHz on Trinity.

As said, the original plan was to have an overclocking showdown between seven of AMD's partners: ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock, MSI, ECS Elitegroup, Biostar and Jetway. So far, four companies have confirmed being comfortable enough about their products to demonstrate the overclocking capabilities in this public event: GIGABYTE, ASRock, MSI and Biostar. ECS Elitegroup and Jetway will probably be present at the event showing their products, but have backed out of the overclocking demonstration due to a lack of in-house overclockers to 'drive' the system. Strangely enough, #1 mainboard manufacturer ASUS still hasn't confirmed whether they will participate in this demonstration or not. We hope to soon be able to confirm a fifth team attending the demonstration.

In any case, here are the participating teams:

Partner Company Team Name Overclockers hardware
-- Not Participating --
ASRockI-am-MeNick Shih, Kevin ChenTBD
BiostarBoundless OcerBloom, Bryan, Mars, Sam, Allen, Ken, JimmyTBD
ECS Elitegroup
-- Not Participating --
GIGABYTEThe KillersHicookie, SdougalTBD
-- Not Participating --
MSIOC StyleAlvin Tsai, Allen Fu, Manny Chang, Harry LinTBD

The teams will, of course, be using an AMD FX-8350 and AMD A10-5800K. Fyi, the event is taking place in the Taiwan brewery *wink*. In any case, the event is currently in finalization phase, so details may change a little over the next few days.

Keep you posted!

November 19, 2012 update: just like ECS Elitegroup and Jetway, ASUS has decided to back out of this public overclocking demonstration. Pretty strange since, unlike ECS and Jetway, ASUS actually does have in-house overclockers who could demonstrate their boards. We weren't given any explanation.


United States xxbassplayerxx says:

And ECS wonders why we don't buy their stuff...

K404 says:

ECS are still getting to grips with the whole hardcore OC thing. Cut them some slack, we are still a minority market that's disproportionately expensive and time-consuming.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Great event AMD, looking forward to the results !

Any event showing our passion is fab !

United States Splave says:

I will be representing jetway, thanks pfhhhhhhhhhhh psyche

TaPaKaH says:

Biostar just taking 'em down with quantity :D

Netherlands neliz says:

I'm joining.. who else is?

Belgium Massman says:

You in Taiwan already, Neliz ?

Netherlands neliz says:

Massman said: You in Taiwan already, Neliz ?

Yes :)

Belgium Massman says:

Alright - let's meet up some time then.

Updated the news post, by the way. Had to refrain from the words "pussied out" ... sigh.

Iran Olesius says:

can we join it? :D or can provide a AMD meeting for Middle east!

Netherlands neliz says:

Massman said: Alright - let's meet up some time then.

Updated the news post, by the way. Had to refrain from the words "pussied out" ... sigh.

Sorry for not attending, turns out work is more important than play@amd :p

K404 says:

xxbassplayerxx said: And ECS wonders why we don't buy their stuff...

And Asus wonders why we buy their stuff....

Austria oanvoanc says:

Are there any updates on results? I just saw the recent submissions of Hicookie and CherV, also Andre got a nice result, but just posted it on Facebook. How about ASRock, Biostar and MSI?

Belgium Massman says:

ASUS did not join this public demonstration, but did the result in their own lab ... pretty lame if you ask me. AMD will send me all the results later today and I'll include them in my report! :)

Austria oanvoanc says:

Great! Thanks.

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