Back from the dead - SF3D pushes for Pro OC top-3 with ASRock Z77 OC Formula

SF3D is no stranger to those who have been following the competitive overclocking scene the past couple of years. Having attended (and won!) live OC competitions such as GIGABYTE GOOC and MSI MOA as well as being in the consistently in the past couple of year, SF3D is one of those overclockers you always expect to set records. In the past couple of months - well, since Sandy Bridge actually - SF3D kind of disappeared from the Pro OC scene, dropping in the rankings and having almost no top results. You don't have to look too far for the reasons: having to take care of a third child (congratulations, by the way!) just takes away hobby-time. Also, the overclocking scene shifting to 'mass-binning' requiring overclockers to spend time and resources to find a competitive CPU is not helping.

Anyway, with the help of some Russian friends, SF3D found one of those competitive CPUs hitting well over 6.9GHz SuperPI 32M. Having that magical CPU team up with Nick Shih's Z77 OC Formula, he then figured out a way grab those necessary points and get back at the top of the league. His target: top-3. And that's where he's at right now!

For more information on his results, here's his thread:

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