BBC Loves Overclocking - Video Coverage of Campus Party Europe 2012 in Berlin shows lots of OC

Remember we mentioned The Economist talking about the overclocking booth at Campus Party Europe 2012 in Berlin? In the article, The Economist described overclockers as, and I quote, "Perhaps the oddest crowd, however, are the "extreme overclockers" and, quite frankly, we are still as proud about that as the day we read the news post.

Perhaps even more awesome than The Economist writing an article about how extremely odd overclockers are, is the Campus Party coverage of the BBC show 'One Square Mile'. Not only do we get a lot of airtime, we get featured twice! The first section is all about what overclocking is about and starts at 4:30. The almost one and a half minute segment ends with the, yes - let's say it, awesome "but can these guys overclock the European economy" and comes right before the interview with European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neeli Kroes. What can I say ... overclocking just more interesting, Neelie (wink).

The second, much shorter segment comes at the very end of the coverage at 19:00 and features Massman drinking/spitting liquid nitrogen. Seems like overclocking is fascinating enough to provide the closing scene of a BBC video coverage report. Hell yeah!

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