SniperOZ from TeamAU smashes the new single card 3DMARK11 W.R.

These new AMD drivers are pretty sick. I can hear frustration coming from the Nvidia camp. FYI, even with Tesselation enabled the 7970 is beating the 680 clock-per-clock.

ATI release a new video card driver that has insane performance in games AND overclocking benchmarks as well. TeamAU’s hard hitting SniperOZ just posted a bombshell 3DMARK11 world record for single card, surpassing GTX680 but a whopping 800 points. It seems AMD is determined to keep the performance crown.

Congrats Carl and TeamAU, well done!

Oh and his favourite weapon of choice, yup you guessed it, is GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 Smile. Hell yeah!

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