Two new HWBOT Staff members: Genieben and Tapakah

The HWBOT Staff is pleased to announce that Genieben (Romania) and Tapakah (Latvia) have joined the staff. Genieben will mostly be focusing on behind-the-scenes work related to improving the benchmark security (think 'wrapper'). Tapakah will be actively hunting down cheaters.

We wish both of them the best of luck and hope they will enjoy their HWBOT adventure!

The HWBOT Staff.



Is Tapakah's appointment like one of those Hollywood movies where the hacker gets a job with some government agency because he knows how they operate LOL

Malaysia coolice says:

LOL @ Team.AU

Ukraine MaJ0r says:

Lol )) He nickname is TaPaKaH equal sam )

Ukraine MaJ0r says:

I meant cockroach )

battlecryawesome says:

That s great news.

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

congrats el geniben :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Ow crap there go all my 2001 scores

United States Mr.Scott says:

Nice choices. Congrats and good luck to the two of you. :)

United States filmbot says:


Iran Mr. DB! says:

very very nice choices!

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