Gigabyte Tweak Launcher hotkey control tool

Whoah! Thanks for sharing YoungPro! Finally using those hacking skills for good (j/k)!

Overclockers everywhere rejoiced when Gigabyte released their Gigabyte Tweak Launcher (GTL) software that is capable of adjusting the multiplier, voltages and bus speeds. GTL is super lightweight and perfect for competitive overclocking but unfortunately is has one small downfall, it doesn't support hotkeys. Hotkeys can be an essential part of taking that world record, clocking a higher frequency for one part of a test, then lowering the frequency for a heavy CPU based test.

With the help of the lightweight autoit scripting language I have put together a small script capable of passing commands to GTL via hotkeys, my gtlcontrol script works as follows.


  • 1. Download gtlcontrol.exe and gtlcontrol.ini from my github repositories.
  • 2. Make sure Gigabyte Tweak Launcher is installed.
  • 3. Edit gtlcontrol.ini to set your bclk, voltage and multiplier.
  • 4. There are 3 options for each hotkey "multienable", "voltenable" and "bclkenable". If you want to enable any of the 3 options set the value to 1, setting the value to 0 disables the respective option. For example, multienable=1 enables the multiplier. multienable=0 disables the multiplier. NOTE: Every time you edit gtlcontrol.ini you need to exit and reload gtlcontrol.exe.
  • 5. To use the application, first start Gigabyte Tweak Launcher and then open gtlcontrol.exe. GTL must be running in the background for the hotkey functionality to work.
  • 6. Your hotkeys f1 through to f4 will execute the options you set in gtlcontrol.ini.

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