Intel DZ77RE-75K vs Washing Machine at 1'500 RPM!

A lot of overclockers use the dishwasher to clean intensely benched hardware as vaseline and other dirty insulation bits make it hard to resell as used product. The dishwasher usually works quite well - a dirty board goes in, a clean one comes out.

Christian Ney seem to be unaware there's a small but distinctive difference between a 'dishwasher' and a 'washing machine'. So, instead of ending up with a clean mainboard, he ends up with ... well, just watch the video.


Belgium Teemto says:

And now the second video where Christian's mom finds out that he wrecked her washing machine :-D

Poland jurek says:

what an idiot!

Canada Vinster says:

I would had gladly paid the shipping for the board. Maybe it didn't OC worth a damn, and that's all he wanted it for? I didn't see the reason for washing it out.

TaPaKaH says:

Vinster said: I didn't see the reason for washing it out.
Just because he can?

Denmark M.Beier says:

Guys it is a joke, just for the kick, the fun.... dont be so freaking up tight... Sure Christian Ney did not consider how much it CAN damage the machine (nevermind the board, its sh1t anyway), the video made me smile, and probably others out there, so, its good :)

Canada Vinster says:

Sam OCX said: Just because he can?

I figured that, I'm just jealous. that's all... lol

kikicoco1334 says:

isn't that how everyone does it?
that's how i clean my mobo!

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