Oops! We (ASRock) did it again. Z77 OC Formula World’s First to Pass Hyper PI 32M 4*8GB at DDR3-2856

TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 21, 2012 – Remember how the legendary overclocker Nick Shih set a new world record with ASRock OC Formula last Friday? If you thought that we would be wearing our party hats by breaking only one world record then think again. Because there are more world records to be broken! Yesterday, the crackerjack of overclocking, Nick Shih broke another world record by being the world’s first to pass Hyper PI 32M calculation steadily with 4*8GB memory modules at DDR3 2856MHz! Nick Shih used 4*8GB DDR3-2666 Apacer Ares overclocking Memory modules and of course, the motherboard he designed himself, ASRock OC Formula to make the impossible possible.

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