NickShih's ASRock Z77 OC Formula and a DDR3-2856 32GB(!) memory kit

Those who are interested in memory overclocking know that high memory overclocks are usually achieved with the lowest density sticks and preferably in single channel configuration. Well, this seems to be over now as yesterday NickShih showed of a 4x8GB configuration running at DDR3-2856 CL12-14-14 ... HyperPI stable! The IMC on that CPU must be pretty good as well as the Hynix-based memory kit. Rumour goes that Apacer was not aware the kit could clock to 2800+ so easily and might be considering spinning these 2666 bins off as a DDR3-2800 kit. With DDR3-2800 price ...

In any case, here's the screenshot and a couple of system pictures.

Has anyone been able to find this product in retail channels? If the price is still DDR3-2666-like, I might as well pick up a kit!

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