IDF 2012: Samsung shows of 16GB DDR4 modules at 2133MHz

DDR3 has been around for ages now - I (and many with me) are really looking for a new DRAM OC Challenge. Besides, Christian Ney wants to have another memory overclocking record!

At the IDF 2012, Samsung showed a 16GB DDR4 module (PC4-17000 – 284-pin) running at a stock frequency of 2133MHz. For us overclockers, this frequency is not that high and certainly not high enough reguarding our expectations of a standard that should be better than it’s predecessor. But don’t worry, this is just the beginning, and speeds of 2400HMz or even 2600MHz stock are clearly possible and modules as these should be capable to reach 3GHz stock on launch.

Speaking of what we can expect to in two years, DDR4 memory will be able to work along with voltages of 1.2V and delivering transfer rates of up from 1.6GT/s to 3.2GT s, as soon as more modules will be capable of handling the so call TSV technology (throught-silicon-via).

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