MSI MOA 2012 – Competition schedule and benchmarks

Thanks to OC-TV for keeping track of the MSI MOA schedule!

Today we have received from our source at MSI, Leona, the detailed competition schedule. This schedule is not just a schedule but it is also the first announcement of the competition benchmarks that have been selected for these master overclocking arena 2012 worldwide finals. This schedule hasn’t been publish on the official website yet, so changes might occur before the 28th, but most of it is definitely going to happen in that order.

Let’s have a look at it!

So as we can see, the schedule is kind of “usual” in the way that it looks almost identical to the one of last years MOA. Arriving early in the morning at the venue, the contestants will have about 1hour and a half to get their gear and setup.

Notice that the competition is once again non-stop. Overclockers will have to rightfully manage their own schedule and bench form 10:30am to 6pm : about 7:30 hours straight under competition pressure. This is where experience makes the difference!

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