The Oldest Enermax PSUs in Europe - Results of the Enermax Long Runner Contest

Last week, the European Enermax Long Runner Contest has come to an end. Many end users from all over Europe have taken part and sent in photos of PC systems that are powered by Enermax PSUs. Marcin Mrozowski from Poland is the winner of the contest: With 20 years of faultless and stable operation, his Enermax E200P-T is the oldest, still running Enermax PSU in Europe. It has been produced in November 1992. German PC enthusiast Janek Meyer took the second place. The Enermax E250BT-T PSU powers his system since 18 years.

“The results of the Long Runner Contest are a recognition of our product managers’ and engineers’ effort. They encourage us to continue the successful work of the past 22 years and stick to the clear-cut strategy of the Enermax brand: We want to provide our customers with premium power supplies that are not focusing on short-term trends, but take future development within the hardware market into account as well. End users have to pay a higher price for an Enermax PSU, but in return they get a product with durable, high-performance components and forward-looking technologies. The Long Runner Contest shows that it is definitely worthwhile to invest into a more expensive Enermax product”, comments Benjamin Schäfer, PR/Marketing Team Leader at Enermax.

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Belgium Massman says:



There are overclockers that haven't been around for that long :D

Australia Uncle Fester says:

Enermax psu have turned to rubbish, the last 2 my mate used both 1500w failed miserably within 1 month, he rma both and had same problem again. Would not reccomend to anyone.

Denmark M.Beier says:

Crap, just trashed my old PSUs recently.. I believe there was a Enermax from '99-'01 cant remember, 600W was top of the dome... Back in the days were Papst was only 'real quality' vendor for fans, flobby was in every sytem, including laptops...


Oh I miss those days.... Back then you actually had to know what you were doing to overclock...

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