Overclocking Workshops at the Campus Party 2012

Here at the campus party europe in Berlin there is not only conferences and lectures that are hold. Indeed, campuseros (the people attending the campus party) are able to attend workshops within different technological Areas. Among them we find robotic, programming (on specific languages) and also overclocking.

The overclocking workshops The overclocking workshops here at the campus party are organized and conducted by the Overclocker team that is here on the stage. The overclocking crew leads users through this week starting from the very roots of overclocking up to extreme overclocking. The three workshops of the week were divided like this.

  • First workshop: introduction to the overclocking basics and to the different benchmarks
  • Second workshop: introduction to overclocking in BIOS and from windows. hands in superPI and small overclocking competition
  • Third workshop: extreme overclocking with ln2, safety and insulation technique.

More pictures, info and videos at overclocking-tv.com: link

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