[VIDEO] MSI presents GO2BIOS on Z77 MPower

For me it's not so much a matter of missing the BIOS because it POSTs too quickly, but the endless bashing on the DEL-key. Having this GO2BIOS feature won't help me get into the BIOS quicker (or more often), but certainly will make OC life a little bit easier!

Nice feature!

Introducing MSI GO2BIOS, the quickest and easiest way to enter your BIOS.


Belgium Massman says:

I like it!

It's not a game-changer (I always get into the BIOS), but it will definitely make my life easier. My keyboard sends its regards too :)

K404 says:

So close but yet so far.

It's a good idea, BUT.....

That button will NOT be convenient to use with multi-GPU. I realise it's been placed close to the BIOS chip, but it should at the very least, be on the edge of the board.

Beside the power/reset buttons would be nice...

United States hokiealumnus says:

Nifty feature. MSI, my Delete key thanks you. :)

Netherlands neliz says:

re: the location My preference would've been the rear I/O but I can't complain on it actually BEING on the board.

and my hands look .. rough.. I need more of the pomegranate hand cream that's on my desk..

South Africa Vivi says:

thats pretty cool :P

Canada Rasparthe says:

I love ideas like this, so obvious but for some reason no one has done it before now. Nice one MSI.

Sweden ME4ME says:

MSI pioneering a BIOS related feature .... almost scary :P

Canada Vinster says:

nice, but we'll always have something to complain about and I agree that the chosen location is poor.

United States OC Nub says:

Nice feature, I like it. My current method is to keep the SSD next to the keyboard, and disconnect the sata connector when the system starts to reboot.

Germany der8auer says:

Cool idea. Now move this button to a better place :D

Denmark M.Beier says:

"no more frustrated overclockers" So, this will remove CB CBB and make my chips do 50mhz more than Massmans, thank you MSI!

Belgium Massman says:

Oh, you're calling yourself an overclocker now, M.Beier?

United States hokiealumnus says:

Massman said: Oh, you're calling yourself an overclocker now, M.Beier?

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