AMD Updates Radeon HD 7950 to Thwart GeForce GTX 660 Ti

Anyone who flashed their card?

AMD is preparing to update the specifications of its Radeon HD 7950 graphics processor to make it more competitive in the sub-$400 market segment, particularly against NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics processor. The update is much like that of the Radeon HD 7750, which got its core frequency increased from 800 to 900 MHz in a specifications update. The company released a new BIOS ROM image file which works on all AMD reference design Radeon HD 7950 graphics cards, which implements the new specifications.

The new specifications sees the GPU core frequency increased to 850 MHz (from 800 MHz), and introduces PowerTune with Boost, which sends the GPU clock speed up to 925 MHz, when applications demand it. The memory frequency stays unchanged, at 1250 MHz, and so do the physical specifications of the GPU, such as stream processor, TMU, and ROP counts. All Radeon HD 7950 graphics cards manufactured from mid-August will feature the new specifications, prices will remain unchanged. If you're familiar with manually updating the BIOS, you can check it out (at your own risk) from our VGA BIOS Database. Set your card's BIOS selector switch to "1" (if available), and update the BIOS. It works only with AMD reference-design HD 7950 cards.

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Netherlands rsnubje says:

Yup flashed it. Ran some benchmarks and at games I see like 2-14 fps(max, depends on game) difference. Vantage gained about 1.6k and 3Dmark 11 700 points. Tho I have to note, the previous results are older and benched with 12.3, currently running benchmarks with 12.6. So the actual difference could be less. Still have to test the powerdraw on load, but I guess it's worse.

Belgium Massman says:

Should be interesting to see if that bios brings 7950 above 660ti price/perf

Christian Ney says:

Should be interesting to see if that bios brings more OC ability you mean :p

Netherlands rsnubje says:

Massman said: Should be interesting to see if that bios brings 7950 above 660ti price/perf

Yea, but you also have to take in count that most of the sold cards are non reference and mostly are already overclocked. Next to that, how many people are actually gonna flash their card if it already is a reference? Same goes for the new 660 Ti. I saw the DCUII Top version outperform a HD7950 with a firm overclock(1100-ish).

TaPaKaH says:

since when does this website 'care' about stock performance and stock clocks?

Poland jurek says:

new level of oc'ing... update your bios! lol

Belgium Massman says:

Without stock, there's no overclock.

Netherlands rsnubje says:

Here you can see the difference. I'm not really convinced tho, as you can see the first results are made with 12.3 and the latest with 12.6 so also the driver improves some scores. And I've already seen what a GTX 660 Ti does(and overclocked versions).

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