Enermax extends Twister fan series with new 14cm models

Hamburg, 2nd of August 2012. 14cm case fans have become increasingly popular. Due the bigger size, they can achieve a higher air flow rate at a lower speed and noise generation. In response to the users' demand, Enermax now extends its complete Twister fan range with 14cm models.

Powerful Batwing Blades & Durable Bearing

All are equipped with the powerful Batwing blades and the punched HALO frame that increase the air flow performance. Furthermore, all fans share the patented bearing technology. The Twister bearing relies on a simple principle. Enermax has put a small magnet into the rotor. When turning the fan on, a metal ball inside the bearing sleeve gets magnetized and keeps the fan blade on the shaft. The metal ball is the only contact point between rotor and shaft. That way, Enermax minimizes the noise generation and ensures a smooth rotation. Furthermore, the sleeve is made from a self-lubricating nano material that eliminates abrasion and guarantees a long lifetime with 100,000 hours MTBF.

More info: full press release

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