Gigabyte OC School Tour in Germany

Gigabyte is as we would say “keep pushing it” in the domain of the OC education, and they are doing it the right way. As we had been taugh and were telling you in our previous news reguarding the GOOC 2013, even if Gigabyte isn’t taking the way of global OC contest, they are not forgeting the overclocking community.

“The purpose of this OC school is to have end users to learn about how to tune up their PC with advises from professionals” says Gigabyte representative Leo Chu. During these OC schools, gigabyte is going to introduce utilities that users may use to boost their PC performance and assist to overclocking demonstrations made by, de8auer from the PC Games Extreme Hardware team.

As it seems to be, these OC School events appear to be on invitation only bases. Some might say that it could have been cool to open up a little more the schools to more participants but hey, lets not complain and salute the initiative!

Events like this are always a good way to give a little kick to the community. Then it is our role to make sure that the fresh overclocking blood that comes out of these schools doesn’t forget about what they have learned and keep pushing it at home !


Germany der8auer says:

Actually it's der8auer - not de8auer :D No idea why it's written wrong everywhere.

Christian Ney says:


France Xyala says:

@der8auer my bad, I was sure there was a problem, I could;t find your profile on the bot. But the search engine wouldn't suggest me anything.

Poland jurek says:

the baker?

Belgium Massman says:

Pretty sure Der8auer ~ Der Bauer ~ The Farmer

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Yes, Massman is right here. Otherwise it would be the8äcker with Germanic umlaut. The best way for local overclockers to tease him is to call him derachtauer. :D Back to the topic: Did you use the projection for teaching purposes? I can spot a 3DMark Fps bar, so I guess there was no livestream (like e.g. at the EOC 2012). [SIZE=1] @Xyala: Not important, but it's PC Games Hardware Extreme actually, not PC Games Extreme Hardware. :)[/SIZE]

Norway knopflerbruce says:


United States sin0822 says:

good stuff

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Is it me or is Roman pregnant ?

All jokes aside, cool initiative :) :nana:

Denmark M.Beier says:

Much easier just using 'Roman' nickname is too hard to remember :P Hope you guys had fun, would be a nice touch to it, if you actually made it public, and not friends & friends of friends. And a bit sad that when you, Roman, being an overclocker, active on here, XS, and many other places, dont give a heads up, instead of first place to read this, is on Gigabyte Deutschland facebook page - after the first event took place.

United States sin0822 says:

they didn't invite you? Probably because you are a pro.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Marc take your medicine, your nurse called me today twice already :p

No matter how you feel about it, promoting our hobby is good dude !!

Denmark M.Beier says:

sin0822 said: they didn't invite you? Probably because you are a pro.

Actually I heard about it by accident from the sales manager, but, local media was not informed - makes little sense ot me, but that does not really bother me, I just think it is ashame that Roman, being an overclocker, does not notify the community, after all, it is a great thing, and pretty much what Massman has been doing at computer store for a few years now..... If I am not mistaking that is...

Leeghoofd said: Marc take your medicine, your nurse called me today twice already :p

No matter how you feel about it, promoting our hobby is good dude !!

On purpose man, on purpose, trying to hook you up - and this is how you thank me!!!

Belgium Massman says:

I do remember an announcement of the OC school. But can't remember where I read it :)

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Roman published an announcement here: But seriously I don't get why it's such a big deal that the OC school tour wasn't announced in all international forums Roman is registered at. The school tour is intended for local German-speaking OC-newbies. There was no need for additional teachers and no user in this thread needs to get teached basic OC knowledge. As an overclocker it's not Roman's duty to do promotion work for Gigabyte. We've seen some similar teaching events even outside of Europe and it makes sense to announce them only locally. People from almost 150 countries participate at Hwbot, so why annoy all these guys ("Hey fellow, there will be an event. But it's not intended for you. Now you know ...")? :confused:

Belgium Massman says:

It's good to make this kind of event public; might inspire other countries to do something similar :)

Germany Hyperhorn says:

That's why I like to read reports afterwards when there's something to see. :)

France Xyala says:

Hyperhorn said:
@Xyala: Not important, but it's PC Games Hardware Extreme actually, not PC Games Extreme Hardware. :)[/SIZE]

Everything is important, correction made. Thanks. Gigabyte PRs contain errors, I should verify everything ><

Basically I know that all of the people here don't neet to be taught about OC but the news (if you read the end) is actually trying to lift up some questions that are these:
- Ok, Gigabyte germany do it (and spain). Why not the other Gigabyte offices? Need a group strategy maybe. (suggestion)
- Ok, new overclockers come out maybe .. but what after? How we keep the fresh blood benching?
- Ok OC schools by Gigabyte. Cool, but isn't it primary the role of the OC communities themselves at the beginning to share and teach about OC before a manufacturer? Yes we need vendor support for such events, but the initiative in my opinion should come from us, its our passion not the vendors one. (even if marketing wise they wont tell you that). Its a business, all sales possibilities are good to be taken.

So Yes, maybe it could look like advertisement for gigabyte, but they do something for us and people should know. And then we need to think maybe more about it, about the future of our communities.

Germany der8auer says:

@ Xyala: No problem :D

About the topic:
The idea was to teach "normal" users without any OC experience how to do the OC-Basics. We taught them how to overclock their systems to about 4,5 GHz using normal air coolers. We want to change the common opinion here in Germany that overclocking is bad and just damages everything... Basic-OC for gamers and not benching.

Nothing for HWBot guys :D

So there is/was no reason to announce this event on international forums or on HWBot ;) Plus this is an official GIGABYTE event and it is not my decision who will be invited.

edit: Using "der8auer" as nickname was propably the worst choice in history :D Still don't get why it's so hard to read it as "derBauer" :D


Massman said: Pretty sure Der8auer ~ Der Bauer ~ The Farmer

yep :)

K404 says:

I thought it meant "The Bear" !

TaPaKaH says:

No offense to any person or brand in this thread, but I don't think that any soft of public OC school is actually a good idea.

If you're looking for more people who will overclock on the daily basis, their main concern is the actual term "overclocking" that implies "deliberately going over the limit". Even if you post a very well argumented writeup and it gets a zillion reads, you won't change the situation much as people, in their mass, are only brave and smart on the internet but when they're required to make a real-life commitment they will always find an excuse. I know this as last 12 months I have invested thousands of hours in fool-proof articles and OC guides at country's top IT site, but I just don't see any reaction in either local forums or hardware sales.
I don't know, just a random idea, may be drop the term "overclocking" as such and replace it with something softer like "tweaking" or "frequency selection" so that the whole process feels more natural and does not require an additional "it's actually safe" explanation?

If OC school is meant to make a bit more advanced people eventually join the subzero club - I think that nearly all of the legends were propelled only by their own interest and were not directly motivated to overclock by anyone from the side. If you take a noob, even a very interested noob, and transform him into a serious overclocker in one day/week/month, technically, it is a success but chances are he's going to lose interest just as quickly as there's nothing new to learn and move on to another hobby.
The only modern barrier, as I see it, is that biggest online overclockers' gathering places have shifted from forums (like XS once was) to databases like hwbot, which might look a bit too cold and complicated for an outsider.

United States sin0822 says:

I think since Intel has begun to support overclocking that it has become more kosher. perhaps in different regions it catches on, but just like any sport you actually have to want to do it.

IMO you have to think in their shoes, the shoes of a noob. Intel does this at their OC session at IDF, they start very noob and finish the same way. However the audience is media, so it kind of makes sense.

Listen on OCn, i always publish my OC guides, and they have hundreds of thousands of hits, by whom? NOOBS! i get 5-10+ PMs daily from new overclockers without any posts who are embarrassed to post in public and I have helped countless, so many i feel like opening up a school.

The biggest complaint from all these new to overclocking overclockers is that they get scared and intimidated by all the good overclockers, a lot of people don't want to show that they don't know what they are doing, so something small and private like this would actually get people out there who want to get out there.

To bring nee comers into the sport you have to tell them what it is about, and what they can gain. Saying hey you can have the fastest PC on the block and beat all your friends will get a few of them into it. You also have to understand the target age is like 13-20.

I think OC school is all about geting system builders into overclocking. I know many people who use computers for professional gain, and they learn or want to learn to OC to get things done faster. Whether it be an engineer or video editor.

Germany der8auer says:

@ Sam: We don't teach advanced overclocking at all. We show them complete basics. Most of them don't even know what BCLK or a Multiplikator is. We show them how ovcerclocking works and the advantages you can get. No word about extreme-OC :) And same like sin my OC-Guides get thousands of views and I also get a lot of PMs all the time.

United States sin0822 says:

yea exactly i think OC guides get more hits than all my reviews combined. Id say that means a lot of people are interested in OCing. Roman, do you write yours on your local forums? When you live in the US i guess all the international forums are local lol.

Germany der8auer says:

Yea so far only PC Games Hardware forums. My Ivy Bridge guide got about 37.000 views withing 3 months plus about 500 postings: I talked about that with GIGABYTE few months ago. That's one reason why we started the "OC School". There are a lot of guys willing to OC their systems if they get proper guides and help. So that's what we're doing :)

Germany Masterchief79 says:

der8auer said: edit: Using "der8auer" as nickname was propably the worst choice in history :D Still don't get why it's so hard to read it as "derBauer" :D

As the whole OC-stuff isn't limited to Germany, it probably was. :D

@Sam: Yes, the term overclocking implies that you are operating something above specification. Most ppl associate this with "OHMAHGOD ITS GONNA BURN!!11". They don't think about the fact that the "specification" of let's say 3GHz is just one possible value to operate the CPU, and that another combination of clock, voltages and temperatures may just work aswell or even better, or more efficient. For this train of thought you have to have a pretty good insight in overclocking and the production process (compared to the general level of information in the population at least). I guess we should really search another term^^

"deliberately going over the limit"

That's it. Thinking that the manufacturer specification is the "limit" is ridiculous from our point of view. But most of the ppl wouldn't even think of questioning it.

I think for air OC, the main idea is just to save money. We can use the headroom which Intel left for a wider yield rate or for power saving interests. If 80% of the working E8400 chips do 3,5GHz@VID, it's still much more profitable for Intel do get more than 90% with just 3GHz. Good for them, good for us - no need to buy an E8500 or E8600. But as Sam already said, even if we explain this over and over, no chance to get the facts straight there.

United States sin0822 says:

der8auer said: Yea so far only PC Games Hardware forums. My Ivy Bridge guide got about 37.000 views withing 3 months plus about 500 postings:

I talked about that with GIGABYTE few months ago. That's one reason why we started the "OC School". There are a lot of guys willing to OC their systems if they get proper guides and help. So that's what we're doing :)

very nice man! i can't read it, but then again it is really cool that you did that locally and you found a lot of guys interested! OC School must have been interesting, how did you like it? Were most of the students there aware of all the Ln2 OC stuff?

Germany der8auer says:

I realy liked it so far. Tomorrow we have another "lesson" at Düsseldorf. The guys are realy interested in overclocking and some of them even traveled about 250 km to the place. Most were at the age of about 20 so far and surprisingly they were all aware of extreme overclocking. Even tho they are far away from it :D

United States sin0822 says:

yea that is pretty interesting. i think with all the companies pushing it and the media interested in it, it gets good exposure, enough for enthusiasts to hear about it. Much more now than when we were introduced to it. I remember the big thing 5-8 years ago was Tom's Hard's 5GHz project haha.

Brazil Rbuass says:

I completely agree this kind of events, and give my congratulations to der8auer and all people that help our community spreading the art of overclocking
We made lots of overclocking events and did teach thousands...since newbies and young guys to inside a brazilian University students.
Next august 25 we will do a Live Stream event...and our last Live Stream will reach lots of thousands people on live stream...I will update infos about.
That's only 2 example in less than 2 weeks

We still made at least one Overclocking Live Stream for a week.
At august 15, we are going to a University (500 Km from home, me and Gnidaol), to teach about overclocking, and we wait more than 500 people (auditorium just full and no more places).
We teach since simple noob overclocking in the air, to beginners, and Overclocking Extreme to for those who want to go further

It will happen in one of the biggest University in Brazil, and the guys from Computation Engineering was anxious to learn more about overclocking.

That's some pics I take from a post in our brazilian forum...and I posted to show that if we are thousand, we will have an important, but if we are one million, we have a thousand times more

So...let's teach, spread and talk to all about what we love.

Is only my opinion....each overclocker can give his 2 cents to help us to grow up.

Sorry the long post and the bad english.

Australia JJJC says:

Best wall of pictures ever. Badass Rbuass :D Keep up the good work of spreading the word of extreme ocing man. :)

Germany der8auer says:

Awsome stuff there bro :) Realy cool work!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Good to see crazy AMD Brian in them pictures :)

Brazil Rbuass says:

Yes,,,Brian is really a nice guy
That's a pity he is no more overclocking... he is missing to community.

Thanks ;)

United States sin0822 says:

great post man, i really enjoyed the pictures it is like a story! Brian, is gone now... :( sad.

Brazil gnidaol says:

It is really good to be part of that history, I joined HWBOT after a OC class that RBUASS offered back in 2009. Thanks to that I always try my best to do the same and let more people know what is to overclock and how much awesome is to do it.

Brazil Rbuass says:

One more nice event in Brazil.
In PUC Goias, a 25K students university,
Many people interested in learning about overclocking.

Thanks to Corsair, X5 Computadores and especially to my friend Gnidaol (my right arm that is always beside me in overclocking sessions everyday)

Next august 25 we will have one more event.
The overclocking in Brazil is really piquing the interest of many people.
We have done many events and live streams in many states.
The last live stream, we got almost 5000 people watching, and hopefully much more to the next what will happen next week.
Overclocking here is really

He can upload more pics from event here

Australia JJJC says:

Looks awesome! :D

Australia Jimba says:

wow, just saw these pictures,rbuass, nice work!

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