How Vivi got himself to MSI MOA 2012 Grand Final (MOA 2012 video teaser)

MSI MOA 2012 Grand Final is without any doubt the biggest overclocking event of the year. To get there, though, you had/have to win one of the qualification rounds. Or, if you don't manage to get qualified, you can try to get in as press!

The South African website Below Zero ran a contest to give away one press ticket to the MOA 2012 Grand Final next month in Taipei. The task was quite simple: provide your opinion about the Below Zer0 - MSI Z77A-GD65 Road shows and OC Workshops or your opinion about the MSI Z77 series main boards and Overclocking features in the form of a blog or video article. Vivi choose for the last option and ... won! Here's his video:

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