CPU-Z 1.61 : bugs !

In case of bugs, please report back to Franck from CPU-Z. Let's all show our love for this little nifty application! :-)

Some of you may have noticed that the latest version of CPU-Z (1.61) was suffering lot of bugs, especially in clocks report (CPU speed, BCLK and consequently memory clock). That deserves some explanation.

CPU-Z is using a very handy timer named "APIC timer" for clocks computation. Unfortunately for us, Windows 8 does use that timer as well, and the simultaneous use of that timer by an application causes big troubles (system crash). Microsoft declared that this timer is a not a shareable resource, so we have no other choice than to stop using that timer.

Version 1.60 is the last that use that timer, and version 1.61 is the 1st version that does not use the APIC timer anymore, and as you may have noticed, the alternate methods are not working very well yet. We updated to 1.61.1 and 1.61.2 to fix several issues. Today, we released 1.61.3, that does still add several fixes. We hope to be close to the complete solution of that problem, and to be able to provide a CPU-Z as good as it used to be.

Version 1.61.3 is out. In case of problem, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at cpuz@cpuid.com. Please save a TXT report and attach it to your email.

We thank you for your help and your patience.

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