VIDEO: Another 10-year old GIGABYTE board still kickin’

This video was posted as part of the GIGABYTE Hidden Gem competition. Simply put, for this competition you need to post a video or picture of your GIGABYTE-based rig and in return you might win a prize. You can find all the competition info here: click.

One of the videos that caught the eye of GIGABYTE's Tim Handley is this one. Just have a look at it, very good video! It kind of makes me want to buy the GA-586T2 mainboard.

Here’s a really interesting entry that I’d like to share with you all from our Hidden Gems competition. As I’m sure you all know, we’ve invited our Facebook fans to share with us their old GIGABYTE motherboard builds, preferably ones that are still humming away. People get to vote for the board that best stokes their nostalgia with three eventual winners walking away with a GIGABYTE 7 series motherboard.

Here one entry that caught our eye; it’s a ten year-old GA-586T2 board submitted by Victoria Chudinova in the Ukraine. What really makes this one stand out however, apart from the the fact that’s it’s a ten year GIGABYTE old board that still kicks, is that Victoria has produced such a brilliantly creative video in which to showcase the board. Check it out ...


Belgium Massman says:

Speaking of Hidden Gems, here's my Quad Royal board! :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Very well done, looking forward to the masman edition of that video =)

Austria Turrican says:

the GA-586T2 is older than 10 years. it should be around 15.

Canada Vinster says:

That's was well done, and I agree, Pentium 166's were introduced around 1995-1996. I remember Pentium 90's in 1993-1994.

Australia Dinos22 says:

the quad royal-e with cheese :D

Denmark M.Beier says:

This would be considered new hardware by Christian 'Flank3r' Ney? Actually that platform she is running, is older then Flank3r? Gotta unpack my old hardware, think I got a 10y+ laptop with a Gigabyte motherboard.... Celeron 1700, s478, should be about 10 years now... ... Which makes me sad, its almost 10 years ago, that AMD were competetive....

Australia Booj says:

I thought that was Scarlett Johansson!

Christian Ney says:

I have this one (alive). Cool vid

United States Mr.Scott says:

I have a GA-6BXE slot 1 board in mint condition. I think that's about 10 years old or so.

United States Bones says:

I have a GA-7ZX here myself.

Canada Dead Things says:

[]What really makes this one stand out however, apart from the the fact that it's a ten year GIGABYTE old board that still kicks, is that Victoria is smokin' hawt![/QUOTE]

Let's just call a spade a spade.

United States Bones says:

Here she is; GA-7ZX still kicking!
Also got a CPU-Z validation with a 1.0 T-Bird chip to go with it.

I don't know what's up with the GgYyYyGg for the board make but it is a Gigabyte board.

kikicoco1334 says:

damn it i was really hopping her benching it instead of playing that game....

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