O.M.G Greek event pictures are out!

Looks like a really nice event! Thumbs up, Greece!

Two weeks ago, our friends from Greece organized something huge. A Crazy events that combined overclocking, modding and gaming all-in-one!

Waiting for the pictures was long but it was really worth it! Today we would like to share with you a selection of the many pictures that they published with a focus on the overclocking ones. If you wish to see more, we recommend you do visit their post with several slideshow and hundreds of pictures :)

So simply get a drink and enjoy these great overclocking souvenirs!

More pictures:


Christian Ney says:

First link: HTTP Error 404

United States Splave says:

lmao dude on the right got caught cheezin at dem tig ole bits

Australia JJJC says:

Splave said: lmao dude on the right got caught cheezin at dem tig ole bits


Looks like a fun time was had :)

Belgium Massman says:

Christian Ney said: First link: HTTP Error 404


Czech Republic OBR says:

its great to see, greeks still has strong OC community ... especially now, in really hard times for them ...

Greece crustytheclown says:

we had a great time for sure.The biggest event we ever had here in Greece with many visitors for all sections.Hwbox.gr did a great job bringing it all together... (lol mortisboy caught naughty!!!)

Austria Turrican says:

nice event. :)

Greece mortisboy says:

The last two months was very difficult for us to organize this 1st O.M.G. Event, but after all went perfect, the event had great success, with much fun, many wr's and of course a lot of beer at the roof garden :) (lol Crusty you got me....but you misunderstand, i was looking the thermos she got from me :p
Many thanks especially to my friend GoriLLakoS who was the "man" of this event and Timoleros for his great support from the beginning till the end! Thank you all guys_ HwBox Team _

Canada Vinster says:

Great shots and turn out. nice to see all that eye candy ;)

India thebanik says:

The event seems simply amazing, great work guyz......Can I ask you guyz, where is Hipro these days????

Greece GoriLLakoS says:

Hello everybody! Thanks hwbot for sharing! We have the report donw in English! Please check here :) http://www.hwbox.gr/reviews/17314-hwbox-1st-o-m-g-event-2012-report-eng.html Regards, Bill PS. Hipro is working and the last VGA he had touch is a 280 :p

Brazil Raul SDT says:

I'm sure he was looking at her "termos" down there... :)

Seems like the event was really amazing, congratz to you guys!

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