Great Extreme Overclocking Contest last weekend in Brazil

Nicely done GIGABYTE and Corsair Brazil! Love seeing events like this pop up - spread the OC love, people!

Full content (with lots and lots of pictures): click

Last weekend, Gigabyte and Corsair offered the opportunity for some of the best Brazilian Overclocking Teams to battle each other live for the first time.

The rules were quite simple, in the morning assembling, insulating, modding, checking everything and in the afternoon and lots of overclocking. Starting with two hours of 2D stages (wprime 32M and SuperPi 1M) and then three hours of 3D stages (3Dmark03 and 3Dmark11). Each benchmark of each stage could be run in any order with as much time the contestants wanted to until the end of the stage. There were three teams with three overclockers for each. The teams:

  • Criminal Cafe Team: Eder13, Raul SDT and wellingthon02
  • Fusion Team: Baruk, colosso do ceara and TJB_SC
  • I2I3 Overclocking Team: cleitonschenckel, jacsonshenckel and mariovmn

Congratulations to all teams, extreme overclocking is not that usual here in Brazil, and those guys managed to keep their rigs alive after a complete afternoon of overclocking. They managed to get some great scores taking in consideration that it was a live event, where the time played against them.

Big Thanks to Corsair and to Gigabyte to supporting this Overclocking contest. This was the second OC contest organized by them this year here in Brazil and the first one that was team based.

I’m really glad to see companies bringing these events that we see happening so often abroad but that seemed to be so impossible to hold here not so long ago. Those companies are showing to the world that it’s not everything that is said to be impossible. Overclocking can put rivalry aside and make different groups that love hardware come together and bench with lots of fun.

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