ECS Proudly Announces Z77 Golden Board OC Contest, Official Partnership with HWBOT

The Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X models are already available worldwide. Each of these high-end Z77 Black Extreme Series – Golden Limited Edition motherboards is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the Director of Research and Development of ECS, emphasizing the company’s determination to guarantee quality, performance and ultimate reliability to its customers.

For overclockers and modders, ECS’ Golden Limited Edition provides a wealth of tweaking, control and adjustment features. Solid long-life capacitors in all critical areas guard against failure even in the most challenging conditions. Triple thickness gold plating on CPU, memory and add-on card sockets ensures these two models always provide a reliable connection, even with heavy use and in hostile environments. Thor Ultra Protection guards against component damage from static electricity in dry climates. And in a sea of lookalike products, the distinctive gold and black Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X boards are undoubtedly the best-looking motherboards around. Both the Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X models offer Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 x6 and USB 2.0 x6 support, 3-way NVIDIA SLI or ATI CrossFireX support, EZ charger and 1 Gigabit LAN to boost stronger Internet connectivity functions and expansion ability to your computer.

Full press release: ECS Proudly Announces Z77 Golden Board OC Contest, Official Partnership with HWBOT


United States sin0822 says:

no one is going to comment? I commend ECS for this, as it is great to see more mobo makers do this! and support our community!

South Africa Vivi says:

Yea i agree, Go ECS! Nice to see more and more brands coming to the party

Brazil says:

Copy very naughty of coat of arms of the band Queen.

United States sin0822 says:

you band your queen? sounds like something your parliament would do to her.

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