Beta of HWBOT Mobile up and running

One of the most recurring complaints we find in our mailbox is the problematic site interface when browsing to using a mobile device. As development time is very limited these days due to upcoming projects (more info soon), we have re-enabled an older beta version of the HWBOT mobile site. This version is essentially a slimmed down version of the existing site and should be much more smartphone-friendly.

The mobile site can be reached either through or by adding "?mobile=y" to the URL. In most cases, however, the engine will auto-detect mobile devices and switch to the simplified version of the site automatically.

Feel free to report any bugs or make suggestions on how to improve the mobile site. We're very interested to know what features you would like to use on your mobile device! Just to be clear: this beta version is not a real mobile-friendly site, but just a slimmed down version of the normal HWBOT site.

The HWBOT Staff.

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