Beta of HWBOT Mobile up and running

One of the most recurring complaints we find in our mailbox is the problematic site interface when browsing to using a mobile device. As development time is very limited these days due to upcoming projects (more info soon), we have re-enabled an older beta version of the HWBOT mobile site. This version is essentially a slimmed down version of the existing site and should be much more smartphone-friendly.

The mobile site can be reached either through or by adding "?mobile=y" to the URL. In most cases, however, the engine will auto-detect mobile devices and switch to the simplified version of the site automatically.

Feel free to report any bugs or make suggestions on how to improve the mobile site. We're very interested to know what features you would like to use on your mobile device! Just to be clear: this beta version is not a real mobile-friendly site, but just a slimmed down version of the normal HWBOT site.

The HWBOT Staff.


Belgium Massman says:

Working quite well here on Samsung Galaxy S.

Just the result tables are a bit too large for the screen and requires horizontal scrolling.

Belgium richba5tard says:

Looking good on iPhone 3GS. A bit sluggish, but much better than before. :)

United Kingdom ARandomOWL says:

Who cares about a mobile site when the desktop site doesn't work properly?

United States Redmax says:

Viewable on a Blackberry Pearl but takes too long to download. 1meg of data per pageload is just way too much.

Keep trimming :)

Belgium richba5tard says:

@ARANDOMOWL: any bugs you encounter please report in the forums!

South Africa Vivi says:


United Kingdom borandi says:

Please remove drop down menus in the mobile site. Should just be links minus a lot of CSS/JS

Russian Federation Diabolo 80 says:

HTC Sensation, working fine!!

United Kingdom ARandomOWL says:

richba5tard said: @ARANDOMOWL: any bugs you encounter please report in the forums!

I'm referring to the constant ranking problems and the recent problem with phrases (which seems to be fixed now).

United States I.M.O.G. says:

I get a blank page for on Droid Incredible running stock browser. Same result with

When visiing my user page, I get the following:

[Quote]falsefalse28038100I.M.O.G.0cde5fd3107e4c05370d25384953acf6374055camatt@****.com2010-04-03 20:06:07.002012-06-26 19:17:56.00.0falsewhiteI.M.O.G.63202c944e69fae41fda59f2397ffadd190150false0231entruetruetruetruetruetruetruetruetruetrueweekly106088truetruei.m.o.g.6791330126imogocfalseorg.hwbot.persistence.Userfalse [/QUOTE]

I removed part of my email address revealed there, so the search bots don't grab it... But anyone can visit a member's user page on Android, and obtain the member's email address. I typically try to keep the email address I use here private/business only.

ARandomOWL said: Who cares about a mobile site when the desktop site doesn't work properly?

I agree. Mobile is nice to have, but I would like to see the functionality problems on hwbot given priority.

richba5tard said: @ARANDOMOWL: any bugs you encounter please report in the forums!

Team rankings haven't been accurate for quite some time. Team rankings do not reflect actual team points if you click into the team pages:

User points are now the same as League points when viewing the team members page ( I do not think this is intentional. Your team contribution used to be whatever team power points you gathered, plus whatever total user points you earned divided by 10. However, my league points are currently 857, and my user points are also currently 857... I have many scores that do not count towards my league rankings because they are not my best 15 globals or best 20 hardware, however all of those scores should add up and contribute to my total user points which should always be greater than my league points. If my total user points are not accurate, then my team's score is likely not accurate - 857/10=85.7, but my user points should probably contribute more like 110 or so to my team.

Variable names displaying instead of actual phrases. This appears to have been partially fixed already, as my user page now shows the actual benchmark names/scores I received. League still isn't listed correctly on this page:

And still getting variable names displayed for point notices:
"notification_you.received.hw.points.for (show all)"

Just a brief overview. There may be others, but I'm not sure if these things were captured in the bug tracker or not.

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Same issue as IMOG. HTC desire, stock browser etc.

United States I.M.O.G. says:

FWIW, since someone else confirmed they still have issues as well on mobile, I've also ran CM7 and android 2.3.7 with different kernels... I'm currently on stock HTC android 2.3.4. The issue I get on android was present with CM7 as well with the stock browser.

United States BeepBeep2 says:

Just tried it a minute ago, works fine for me on HTC Amaze stock ICS 4.0 and Dolphin HD as well as the stock browser.

Belgium richba5tard says:

@IMOG: thanks for reporting that nasty bug! Seems that there was a problem with a Android 2.x browser and an XML library we were using, causing output to be shown in XML instead of HTML. The bug was found thanks to an android simulator, and rushed to production.

I also improved the loading speeds a bit of the mobile site, but there is still room for improvement. Issues with points are on the todo list.

United States I.M.O.G. says:

It works! Nice quick fix, thanks. Good to have you back.

Australia Dinos22 says:

iphone 4s seems ok. still a few issues with scaling videos or some images etc but better than main site thats for sure

ARandomOWL said: Who cares about a mobile site when the desktop site doesn't work properly?
someone's whinging i bit (where are you from again :D)

Poland d3mox says:

On SGS2 and SGS1 works too :)

Germany DopeLex says:

For me in a quick check on iPhone 4s, there aren't enough informations visible (e.g. Cups on memberpage) and the searching field on the mainpage, i always used, is also missing. Would be nice if there would be an option for each member (in the settings) to permanantely enable/disable mobile page. :)

Italy carpo93 says:

Good view on blackberry curve 8520, but it is very slow

Iran Don_Corleone says:

looks fine on iphone4. previously it was very difficult to view hwbot on this phone.

United Kingdom Dualist says:

carpo93 said: Good view on blackberry curve 8520, but it is very slow

Are you using the shit browser that comes with the BB.? It's always slow, use opera mini.

Iran Amateurs says:

It is great and fast enough for my galaxy tab (10"inch 7's series). Stock browser didn't work but i got it with firefox. I don't have search tab in it.

Switzerland liquidcoolingx7 says:

Looking good on Galaxy S i9001, i9003, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire, Nokia N9, Lumia 800, HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S2.

It's Fast !

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