Elmor features in MSI GTX 680 Lightning video

Swedish overclocking legend Elmor showing off the new GTX680 Lightning like a boss!


Belgium Massman says:

That one "weird headshake with glasses on" remind me of the Nvidia/Kingpin video from a couple of years back ...

Must be a Legend-only move I don't know!

K404 says:

Ummmmmmm........LOL? Every point I agree with but it's presented in a too-cheesy way for my taste.

Czech Republic OBR says:

its a "Borats" high five salute ...

United States Splave says:

I thought it was good! Imagine if you were asked to do it, half of the OC community would have to wash the cheese puff stains out of their clothes first lmao Elmore is perfect poster boy, young and presentable with an accent (for the female crowd, b!tches love accents)

France pepinorang says:

Love it ! Well done Elmor. :) Bye p€p|n0r@ng

TaPaKaH says:

agreed with Splave, it'd be hard to make an overclocking-advertising-video better than this actually is

Germany Hyperhorn says:

+1 It has a message relevant to the product, a certain movie aesthetic and I actually prefer to see a well-known overclocker pointing out OC features rather than a babbling advert model (not saying elmor isn't pretty :D) not knowing what it is all about.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Kenny is just jealous, nice one MSI !!

K404 says:

No, not jealous, nor envious. Just.... not to my taste :) Maybe it's just cynicism. I've never seen a hardware advert that made me think "I must buy this" :)

Germany QAI says:

Not even the one from TT FrioOCK? :D


United States Hondacity says:

excellent work msi and elmor. im a lightning fan for sure :D we want 2.3ghz elmore :D

Australia Jimba says:

clock that puppy high elemor..:D

nice video..interesting way to present a product..

United States sin0822 says:

i liked the video, good job elmor!

Denmark M.Beier says:

Very cool commercial.
But ofc we know the thermal part is bullshift, no chance in this life that Elmor would care about the stock cooler, unless it comes with a pot attached to it..

None the less, gotta please the folks that has been designing that part too xD

United States Redmax says:

Good commercial!, I'd have to agree with Splave but also add that the pr0n music in the background was a little too loud. It is difficult to take a niche product and create a compelling advertisement however, this might be one of the better ones I have seen. The glasses thing does remind me of the Kingpin/NVidia commercial from a few years back, safety first. At least he didn't have to wear one of those aqua colored safety helmets.

India thebanik says:

Like it, awesome video.......Though dont know what will be the response like from normal peeps on youtube, :D

Finland Mean Machine says:

Ooo, ermor!

Czech Republic OBR says:

we need that Afterburner for it, where is damn triple voltage/monitoring? huh?

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