Gigabyte Talk Up The Z77-UD3H's "OC Genes"

Dinos22 just posted the S3 bios for the Z77X-UD3H up on the Techdaily blog as well. For those who want to try it out: DOWNLOAD.


Gigabyte don't seem to spend as much time chasing records as some other motherboard manufacturers, but when they give Hicookie a little LN2 and an extreme BIOS, it generally doesn't take long until he breaks something, a record, or a motherboard.

Luckily for Gigabyte, this time (and it seems many other times recently) Hicookie has been breaking records in the name of Gigabyte. Not only that, he's been using entry level boards, proving to the competition and the world, that Gigabytes build quality is rock solid, from their UD3 right through to the UD7 and G1 series.

The record most recently taken by Hicookie is the world frequency record for the i7 3770K (7.089GHz), and to some peoples surprise, it was done on yet another UD3 motherboard, the Z77-UD3H. If you take a look at the rest of the frequency records held by Hicookie, you quickly learn that he knows his way around the Intel platforms, as there aren't many AMD scores to be seen (that can be said for most extreme overclockers however).

Dino - the Australian PR for Gigabyte has updated the Gigabyte Tech Daily Blog with the full story, where he refers to the "OC Genes" present in the UD3H, and also links through to a download link for the extreme BIOS - For anyone who owns sub zero cooling, a Z77-UD3H and a CPU with a death wish.

Congratulations Gigabyte and Hicookie on yet another world record, and and even bigger praise should be granted for taking this new record on a sub $200 motherboard.


Belgium Massman says:

Fyi - I'm in the process of rehosting the S3 bios :)

Thanks for sharing, Dinos36!!

Christian Ney says:

Y No Ud5h

Switzerland splmann says:

Thank's Dinos22 !!

Australia Dinos22 says:

PM me if you need UD5H

TaPaKaH says:

is S3 any better than F8-F9 for memory clocking?

Germany der8auer says:

Christian Ney said: Y No Ud5h

I tested UD3H, UD5H and Sniper 3 on LN2. There were no differences or a gain in higher clocks on the mainboards.

I only had differences of arround 20 MHz which can be reffered to pot mounting or the sack of rice which just fell over in China at the same time.

South Africa Vivi says:

"or the sack of rice which just fell over in China at the same time."


Australia Dinos22 says:

The "butterfly effect" just became the "rice effect"


its not better for memory clocking, should be very similar to F8 as its based on F8 i think

Germany Crazzzy85 says:

The download doesn't work, give it another way to download

Japan Gyrock says:

Thanks dinos-san :)

Chile Pilot_ says:

i can't download it from here... some one could mirror it?

Denmark noxon says:

I have uploaded it here

Australia Dinos22 says:

I gave UD5H bios as well to stasio to host on Gigabyte support site at Tweaktown

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