No More Monthly AMD Catalyst Updates?

Is this already confirmed by AMD?

It's 31st, and Catalyst 12.5 WHQL is nowhere in sight. According to an article by Benchmarks3D, you should give up on it, for AMD is calling quits with the monthly driver update cycle. However, AMD will focus on a staggered driver update cycle that will address issues with games as they crop up. In other words, end-users could end up seeing new drivers as hotfixes more often, depending on launches of games and new Radeon hardware, but that could also mean long periods of lull when there are no major issues to address, or no new hardware to improve drivers for.


Canada Vinster says:

that's lame... just to save some bucks I bet.

India thebanik says:

Or maybe bad management where they are not able to properly control and enforce rollout of monthly drivers

GENiEBEN says:

Great call, they couldn't manage it anyway.

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