[M] PCGH Extreme Overclocking Session III ( EOS ) event 2012

Pretty hilarious report of the PCGH EOS.III OC event, written by Belgian overclocker Leeghoofd. A pretty crazy-awesome event certainly deserves this kind of crazy-awesome article. Enjoy the read!

(PS: we also uploaded about 125 pictures to the HWBOT Facebook page: link)

Once in a while Team Madshrimps get's invited to attend a Team overclocking event. Is it because people like us for who we are ? Because of our looks ? The knowledge we can share ? Well to be honest we don't care about the previous. Most important thing on our own list is the abundant presence of free food and drinks. Secondly if the event is related to torturing PC Hardware, then we don't mind a long drive. Wickedly enough after each event, we get invited to the next upcoming one. So at least we must be doing something good. Time to get in the HWBot company war (in reality it's Massman's dad's) and start the drive towards the 3rd EOS event at the cute town, called Heilbronn in Germany


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