Malaysia MSI OCer Gathering

Seems like a cool opportunity to meet other overclockers in the Kuala Lumpur region! Have fun all!

All of us know the MOA competition from MSI (read our news about the American qualification), but today here is something different. This event that is going to take place in Malaysia is something new for MSI.

Indeed, MSI will be holding this weekend an event to attract new overclockers. So far we only heard about other vendors pushing that kind of events and it is a great news to see MSI doing the move in south-east asia.

Malaysia MSI OCer Gathering

Known under the name of MOA 2012, MSI malaysia decided to hold a gathering to educate people about Overclocking. This event focuses on Mild Overclockers and New Overclockers. As for similar events, this events intends to increase overclocking awareness, teach enthusiasts about it and ignite overclocking knowledge sharing.

This event will be divided into 3 sections. An overclocking talk, an Extreme overclocking demo and also a competition.

By the way about the overclocking talks, two overclockers will be joining MSI for doing the talks:

  • Peter Cave - bob(nz)
  • Alex Tan - sup3rfly

bob(nz) being from NewZealand and sup3rfly being from Malaysia.

MSI Malaysia – Overclocking Competition

To participate to the competition, you have to send an Email to aqmalzaki [ at ] msi .com with the following details:

  • Real Name
  • Contact number

Hurry-up, only the first 25 will be able to participate at the Overclocking Competition.


Australia Dinos22 says:

nice :D, spread the love people!

Australia bob(nz) says:

Great to see events like this in KL, only second one in almost 2 years. Well done MSI! :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I think Bob can handle 2 gloves and a safety mask and still be able to look cool :) Thanks for hosting this MSI !

United States sin0822 says:


Denmark M.Beier says:

bob(nz) said: Great to see events like this in KL, only second one in almost 2 years. Well done MSI! :D

Wish I could have meet you lots last time, unfortunately the week was a little off :'(
Hope everyone enjoyed the event, and cudos to MSI for doing this.

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