Reeven Extreme Cooling Cup (forum)Review

Ouch, not so positive about the pot. Anyone else tested this one already?

I originally planned to have a set of results that the pot achieved to give you guys an idea of what you might be able to hit when using a Reeven Extreme Cup, however after about an hour of testing it became very clear to me that this pot just isn't up to the task of cooling my 3570K.

I started at a very mild overclock of 5.5ghz with 1.6v and tried running wprime. I started with temperatures sitting at -130c and started running wprime 1024m. I watched temperatures continually climb from the second the bench started. 50% in and temperatures were now up to -80c and at 60% temperatures continued to climb and hit -72c before the computer crashed due to not being cold enough.

To not even be able to load at 1.6v is very bad for a pot. Typically Ivy Bridge cpu's will be benched at 1.8v+ and with as much cold as possible to achieve maximum possible performance. The Reeven couldn't even handle this CPU at 1.6v, leaving it well short of what we want from a pot when it comes to performance.

I did try running 1.8v to see if the pot could still hold temperatures at idle and was disappointed with my results there too. At 1.8v I was unable to pull the pot down to -150c with it full of LN2. A good pot would have been able to idle at -180c or lower despite the heatload.

At that point I realised no results were going to be achieved and I became concerned for my CPU with temperatures jumping around rapidly and constant crashing. Unfortunately this pot just doesn't have the performance to back itself up, and I could never recommend it.

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