Atomic & GIGABYTE's OC and games night a hit!

LN2, Team.AU, records, pizza and beer?! Even though Dinos22 was present, seems like an epic gathering! Kudos to Gigabyte Australia for putting the event together :-).

The LN2 flowed free and fast last night, at our first sub-zero overclocking event here at Atomic HQ!

We opened the doors as the rest of Haymarket's staff were leaving, after casting a rather curious eye over the mess of gaming systems being set up by Team Immunity, and at the arcane tools of the serious overclocker. As folks showed up, both youngpro and dinos22, from TeamAU, got down to the action.

After a brief safety intro from Dino (essential when dealing with stuff as chillingly cold as LN2), our guests split into teams and got to work on two GIGABYTE boards, a UD3 and a UD5, each with a new Ivy Bridge processor, while some of the staff (ahem) got to testing out the Battlefield 3 LAN.


There was beer, there was pizza (so much pizza, eaten so damn fast!), there was awesome fun.

At the end of the night, we managed to get some awesome clocks, too. As youngpro told us, IVy Bridge really is an excellent overclocker's chip; in fact, it was his team who won, achieving a clock speed of a shade over 6.4GHz, beating dinos22's team by the barest of margins. The TeamAU gang will be doing more testing today, and are expecting to get even higher; we'll keep you informed.

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