GIGABYTE WindForce 5X Cooling Solution on GTX 680 SOC Pictured - 5 Fan Mayhem

Surely, this card won't get the "silence"-award.

Here are the first pictures of GIGABYTE's new WindForce 5X graphics card cooling solution, which will likely feature on its upcoming GeForce GTX 680 SuperOverclock graphics card. It turns out that the "5X" in its name indeed denotes the presence of five fans. It's the arrangement of the fans that is its defining feature. While most graphics cards have their fan(s) arranged along the plane of the PCB, on the obverse side of the card, the WindForce 5X cooler has five 40 mm fans (the ones usually featured in rack servers) arranged perpendicular to the plane of the PCB, on the top side of the card.

This unique arrangement of fans ensures that hot air from the heatsinks are ventilated in a single direction and not all over the card (like with WindForce 3X), heating other components on the motherboard. The front-side of the card has just a swanky-looking molded brushed aluminum shroud. On the flip-side, the card spans across three expansion slots, and appears to be both taller and longer than reference design. GIGABYTE's GeForce GTX 680, featuring this cooling solution, and aggressive clock speeds, will be launched very soon.

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