MSI GeForce GTX 680 Twin Frozr III Graphics Card Pictured

Here are the first pictures of MSI's non-reference design GeForce GTX 680 Twin Frozr III graphics card (model: N680GTX Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC). The card features an NVIDIA reference design PCB, augmented with MSI's signature Twin Frozr III cooling solution, which has been used on several high-end GPUs till date, including the Radeon HD 7900 series, and previous-generation GeForce GTX 500 series. The cooler appears to be tailored to fit the length of the PCB perfectly. It uses a large aluminum fin array, to which heat is fed by five 8 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes, ventilated by two 70 mm fans. The card comes with out of the box clock speeds of 1058 MHz (core base), 1124 MHz (core boost), and 1502 MHz (6.00 GHz GDDR5 effective) memory, so while the memory clock remains untouched, the core (base/boost) have been upped from 1006/1058 MHz (reference). The card uses 6+6 pin PCIe power inputs, and has display output layout identical to that of the reference design.

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