Atomic and GIGABYTE wants you for a night of EXTREME OVERCLOCKING!

Now that's a cool event! Dinos22 is really pushing overclocking in Australia ... awesome!

That’s right – we’re breaking out the liquid nitrogen, some of the best PC hardware on the planet, and even working with Australia’s best overclockers so that you, dear readers, can learn how to take PC performance to the next level. We’ll supply everything you need to learn all about sub-zero computing – just come along on the night, and see if we can break a few records along the way!

We’ll have veteran OC guru, Dino Strkljevic from GIGABYTE, our own Matt Wilson, as well as members of TEAM AU on hand, to oversee the action at Atomic HQ. Plus all the LN2 you can poke a very cold stick at.

How to enter? Entry is simple, all you need to do is run 3DMark 11 benchmark tool on your PC and submit your results to Matt Wilson. Simple right? Well, there is a catch. In order to be eligible, you need to send your system specs along in your email, along with your 3DMark 11 Score. You can use any pre-set or custom settings you choose, along with any hardware and frequency settings you desire. Our only demand, is that you do not go over 9000 (If you go over 9000 Vegeta will instantly disqualify you). The closest scores to 9000 without breaking that magic number will be declared the winners, and you shall be invited to Atomic HQ for our exclusive overclocking day!

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