Gigabyte keeps on educating about overclocking

Cool! Nice work by Spanish overclocker DaCoSa :)

After a sponsored workshop event with Gigabyte and our friends from last weekend at Cambridge university, UK, Gigabyte was again this week involved in some overclocking tuition activities. This time the location was a secondary school in Cordoba, Spain. Gigabyte overclocking school project

What is the Gigabyte overclocking school project? This project intends to provide the latest innovative hardware to students and teach them how to mount and configure a setup with it. Partner brands have joined the movement as Antec an Kingston y example to fulfill complete setups to the students. Gigabyte uses also these workshops and conferences to teach students on the overclocking capabilities of its hardware.

The Gigabyte spain office organized for the occasion a conference followed by two consecutive workshops. The presentation conference hold in the morning taught the students with notions and hardware principles as well as a few overclocking elements based on the Gigabyte motherboards. To give the teaching, as for our friend from Indonesia (that time with ASUS), Gigabyte invited four top national overclockers to take over the overclocking parts and share their valuable overclocking knowledge to the students.

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