SF3D OC Triple Point - New Ln2 pot for memory

Nice to see different approaches to LN2 cooling gear!

We are happy to announce new professional liquid nitrogen container for memory modules. This product is targeted to enthusiasts who like to push their hardware to absolute limits.

Container is designed by Finnish extreme overclocker Petri Korhonen (SF3D) and it is produced in Poland by another extreme overclocker Marcin Rywak (ryba). The new liquid nitrogen cooler for memory modules is called SF3D OC Triple Point. This product will bring fresh innovations to memory cooling and take it to the level it belongs.

For example mounting mechanism is completely new, so you can use all types of memory modules since DDR1 era to latest DDR3 products. Now you can connect the memory module directly to LN2 cooler, so you don't need to use stock heatsink with very bad thermal transfer abilities.

You can use up to 4* memory modules at once.

Triple Point cooling comes with the following bundle:

  • - Full solid main block (aluminium for easy temperature control)
  • - Cooling plates for memory modules (4 plates in each set fit for all memory types)
  • - Mounting screws
  • - Insulation (Armaflex mat)

*For quad channel operation you need to use 2 sets of Triple Point LN2 cooler.

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