Important note about LucidLogix Virtu MVP and 3DMark (official Futuremark statement)

Hm. Understandible point of view.

LucidLogix Virtu MVP is an exciting new technology that promises to boost your PC's responsiveness, reduce latency and eliminate visual tearing, all within a low power environment. It is designed for the Intel Sandy Bridge Z68/H67/H61, upcoming Intel 7-series motherboards as well as many AMD processor-based notebooks, all-in-one PCs and desktop motherboards, and will be shipping pre-installed on a wide range of new motherboards starting in April 2012.

3DMark works by measuring the process of rendering frames of 3D graphics using defined workloads. Lucid's Virtu MVP is designed to improve responsiveness through the intelligent reduction of rendering tasks. While 3Mark scores may increase with Virtu MVP enabled, scores from systems with and without Virtu MVP are not directly comparable because of its effect on the rendering process.

We are working with Lucid to update to clearly indicate whether Virtu MVP was running or not for each submitted score and to help you understand the performance benefits of Virtu MVP technologies as measured by 3DMark and our other PC performance benchmarks. The update is expected to be ready in April. Until then, we recommend that you manually add MVP information to the name and/or description of your 3DMark scores to help other users better understand your setup.


Slovenia tiborrr says:

So what are we going to do with older 3DMark w/o ORB validation? :battle:

Belgium Massman says:

Afaik, MVP only supports DX9/10/11. So, all old benchmarks should be safe. Unless it actually supports all DX versions ...

Germany SoF says:

well, looking at that 241k 03 score it seems like all benchmarks are affected :(

tbh it makes benching ridiculus - every score that has been done until now is in no mean comparable anymore.

United States Hondacity says:

Its the same as Ivybridge, ie HUGE improvements

Germany SoF says:

no ivybridge is a true improvement in computing, mvp ist just about skipping frames...

United States Hondacity says:

it utilizes hardware to make a smoother transition. hence better results. and smoother gameplay.

Belgium Massman says:

... or it's cheating frames :). This software is still under discussion as we're mainly concerned about the loopholes.

United States sin0822 says:

It is Z-Culling for frames instead of pixels, GTX580 has it done better than GTX480, but you can't disable it from not processing parts of the frame. IMO if it increase efficiency which is what it does in its own way, i see no problem with it.

Canada Vinster says:

from the reading I'm finding around I'm almost seeing this as an improvement in technology. it's available to everyone that has the proper hardware. so why handicap the hardware because it doesn't suit the benching bubble? it's an improvement, let it shine if you have the HW.

Benching isn't gaming. but benching should properly provide a scale of the overall performance of the platform.

if this technology is scalable why not allow it? if I had it I'd want to flaunt it. or have a subset with/without it enabled.

it's like I don't understand why physx isn't allowed with FM when using nVidia HW. I know it's not available to the AMD guys, but when I look at nVidia HW I'm looking at what it can provide. not a handicapped comparison to what AMD can't.

it's a platform improvement, let it shine.


United States xxbassplayerxx says:

I wouldn't compare this to PhysX. This actually has a real world aspect to it while PhysX has a handful of games that use it and it has little effect.

Canada Vinster says:

xxbassplayerxx said: I wouldn't compare this to PhysX. This actually has a real world aspect to it while PhysX has a handful of games that use it and it has little effect.

True but I'm looking at the benching aspect of it. FM doesn't allow PhysX scores to be public. and are not allowed on the bot because FM doesn't allow it to keep things simple.

But take a vantage score with and without physX especially if you have a dedicated GPU, your score is much different... not as drastic as what I'm reading with Virtu, but still a gain non-the-less.


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