Overclocking with Windows 8 - Quick boot times and resiliency make a difference...

A new Windows operating system always makes overclockers worried. "Will it deliver the same performance?", "Will my overclock be lower?". Windows 8 seems to be quite okay for OCing, though, both in terms of performance as raw clock frequencies!

Last September Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky published a blog promising quicker boot times on Windows 8. Simply put, Microsoft has delivered. Now I’m sure that you’re all well aware of what overclocking entails; from playing with unintuitive BIOS settings, to watching numerous blue screens of death, to hitting F10 on your keyboard and hoping that maybe upping the voltage just a bit more will make your system stable.

Overclocking can be a boring and tedious process that takes hours upon hours. Luckily, Windows 8 eases that pain to some degree. In the amount of time it takes me to boot Windows 7 twice on the exact same hardware, I can boot Windows 8 approximately five times. That’s quite an improvement, especially considering how fast Windows 7 booted on my SSD in the first place.


So at the very least we have some anecdotal evidence that Windows 8 isn’t limiting overclocking anymore than previous versions of Windows. The takeaways here are that quick boot times make tweaking your BIOS settings to find the magic numbers less tedious; and that Windows 8 takes a hit to the chin, in the form of an unstable overclock, in stride.


United Kingdom Stu @ MSD says:

This is good news, may give it a try!

Canada Gav777 says:

I tried it for a couple hours when the cp launched, superpi seemed to run fairly well... but opening cpu-z either crashed or froze the system:(

Couldn't get Heaven or Vantage to run without glitching either.

TaPaKaH says:

if anything, faster boot time may actually be worse for overclocking as it puts more stress on the components increasing the time needed for temperatures to recover and likelihood of crash

United States Redwoodz says:

Heaven runs fine for me, Vantage is a hard one.^ Does it look like that mobo is on an anti-static bag? :O

Austria oanvoanc says:

windows xp ususally gave me more heat on the cpu during bootup than win 7. how about win 8?

Thailand 0.0 says:

I've tried both W8 developer and consumer on the same HW as 7 and for me 7 is currently faster.

W8 cheats by using semi-hibernation and loading a smaller memory footprint. Some things are still yet to be loaded when showing the metro screen.

On dual boot or systems with a boot manager the semi-hibernation can mean after shuting down W8 you need to boot to W8 and restart to select a different OS.

Programs run from startup folder can take ~5 seconds to run from W7 booting compared to 25-30 Seconds for W8.

Currently with W8 consumer CPU-z 1.60 does not function properly and sometimes results in BSOD, not very handy for OC'ers as of now but should be fixed up later on.

I guess it's very much try it for yourself, YMMV. ;)

Australia Dinos22 says:

toilet paper roll on the bench, got a crapper near by do ya Russian? :p

United States sin0822 says:

lol hes prepared for when the system sh*ts out lol.

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