CeBIT 2012- G.SKILL demonstrates the fastest quad channel memory - DDR3 2666MHz 16GB(4x4GB)

March 7th 2012. G.SKILL, the worldwide leading high performance memory designer, has shown the fastest quad channel memory at a whopping speed of DDR3 2666MHz 16GB(4x4GB) with ASUS ROG RAMPAGE IV EXTREME motherboard and Intel Core i7-3960X processor at CeBIT 2012.


Belgium Massman says:

Okay. Need to find good CPU :D

Hiwa says:

these memories will shining on IB later...

Italy Bob80 says:

This kit would be lovable if used with AMD :P

TaPaKaH says:

for D-series Samsung such specs are no big deal .. I wonder if any big makers have any PSC left for them benching kits

Canada Vinster says:


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