First Laptop with 4.16GHz Clock Speed Unveiled - MSI GT780DX

Have you ever seen a high-performance notebook computer packing Intel's top-of-the-line Core i7 Extreme Edition with overclocking that blazes along at more than 4GHz? Have you ever experienced the superfast performance of a quad core gaming laptop that transfers files in less than half the time? Only the MSI GT780DX laptop, on display for a limited time, supports the Core i7 Extreme Edition, the fastest in the industry, to give you extreme system performance and cooling capabilities.

During Europe's Dreamhack late last year, MSI held its "Beat It!" video gaming competition and computer exhibition. MSI showed a number of MSI GT780DX gaming laptops all packing Intel's smoking limited edition Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition processor. In this, the first dynamic demonstration of the processor in notebook computers on the market, these top-end laptops broke the 4GHz overclocking barrier. With Dreamhack over, MSI's GT780DX with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition can be seen in activities spotlighting laptops organized by Intel and MSI in other countries.

Not only does the limited edition GT780DX zip along at 4.16GHz, when you compare it to notebooks with Core i7-2630QM, tests show that CPU performance increases by at least 43%. The CPU calculates "Super PI 32M" a minimum of 52% faster which is very helpful for decimal number and complex multifunction calculations. For example, the time required to compress a 1GB file drops from 3 minutes 6 seconds to 2 minutes 9 seconds—44% less time. Performance speeds of various applications are markedly improved and calculation times reduced for a tremendous enhancement in overall system performance, underscoring the superior stability and cooling performance of MSI notebook designs.

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