Extreme Memory Overclocking on Llano (record breaking!)

Whoah! Pretty crazy memory frequency right there!

Four weeks ago I was participating at the Llano Overclocking competition at hwbot.org. My processor appeared to be quite good for memory overclocking paired with memory kits powered by Hynix H9C memory chips. I managed some very good results but I wanted to get more out of this setup. So this is what I came up with.

  • 1757.7 MHz (DDR3-3515) were achieved, using a single 4GB G.Skill Ares memory module rated 1066 MHz (DDR3-2133) CL9.
  • 1803.3 MHz (DDR-3606) were achieved using higher rated memory, in this case a single 4GB GeIL Evo Corsa memory module rated at 1200 MHz (DDR3-2400) CL11.

Okay, now we have seen how high value modules, binned modules and higher binned modules can be clocked. What about hand picked memory kit, you might think? For this purpose G.Skill sent us a special set of RipjawsZ F3-19200CL9Q-16GBZHD. This memory kit clocked so well that I decided to not only overclock it in single channel but also do some dual channel action in both CL11 and CL10:

  • 1712.9 MHz (DDR3-3426) were achieved in Dual Channel CL10, which is the current world record in this category.
  • 1812.1 MHz (DDR3-3624) were achieved in Dual Channel CL11, which also is a new world record in this category.
  • 1783.2 MHz (DDR3-3566) were achieved in Single Channel CL10. Not a world record this time, maybe for a 4GB memory module, but the highest memory frequency achieved in CL10 has been set by the guys from Lab501.ro.
  • 1868.3 MHz (DDR3-3736) achieved in Single Channel CL11. Highest DDR3 Memory Frequency ever achieved.

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