SF3D OC Imperator: your chance at 3DMark11 top-20?

As you might or might not know, the Finnish top-overclocker SF3D is not only benching at the highest level, but also building top-of-the-line PCs for the Finnish PC ship Jimm's.

The latest creation, named SF3D OC Imperator, is rather impressive. Basically, you buy this PC and, well, you get a top-20 ranking in 3DMark11. Check out this video:

The system features a couple of Radeon 7970 videocards, a 4.8GHz Core i7 3930K processor and a bunch of SSDs. And it only costs about €5000!


Eeky NoX says:

Love the track you gat on this video Petri !! D'nB foreva!! ...nice rig btw ;)

Netherlands Viss says:

Only 5000? cmon hwbot you guys should know better then this....

Belgium Massman says:

That 'only' is meant as a joke, obviously ...

Denmark M.Beier says:

Awesome frontpage worthy material.

Belgium Massman says:

Yes, it is. It's an: - high-scoring machine - rediculous prize - build by longtime overclocker Cool/funny news article.

Denmark M.Beier says:

Massman, have you ever heard of Swordfish? The build from SCAN....? https://secure.scan.co.uk/aspnet/forms/swordfish/

Belgium Massman says:

Wow, what a badass build!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Great stuff, and half the price of the Build4power watercooled setup
Lian Li PC-X2000FB TYR Super-Case Big-Tower - blac Enermax Maxrevo-Series Voeding -1500 Watt GA-X79-UD3 S2011 X79 ATXSND+GLN+U3 SATA 6GB/S Core i7-3960X@4500, s2011 Hexa-Core,15MB DOMINATOR GT 2133-16GB KIT, 2133MHz,CL9,4x4GB,XMP1.3,1.5V 4x ENGTX580 DCII/2DIS/1536MD5, GDDR5,2xDVI,DP,HDMI,PCIe, 4x Kingston 120GB SATA3 SSD HyperX Series SandForce 2xBluRay 10xWrite,Retail Black Write10xBD-R 16xDVR-R/+R 2x Build4Power Liquid Cooling assembly Pack Cool build, but 10000 euros is a bit too much... this Jimms rig is better balanced and half the price !

Belgium Massman says:

But no watercooling. Dayum that looks tasty!

Finland SF3D says:

Massman said: But no watercooling. Dayum that looks tasty!

Yes, watercooling for the graphics cards is reserver for SF3D OC Delirium pc. The name should tell enough about that monster :)

Here is the basic watercooling for my new pc's: http://www.sf3d.fi/uutiset/SF3D-OC-Supero-H2O-rev1-saatavilla-pian

Belgium Massman says:

White and blue. I see what you did there ...

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