NVIDIA preparing GeForce GTX 560 SE

Yeey! Another card to grab points with! Aside from that, who cares about yet another SKU ...

The GTX 560 SE will be at least the 6th member of the desktop GTX 560 family, following GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560, GTX 560 Ti (OEM), GTX 560 (OEM) and GTX 560 Ti 448 Core. Ironically, the GTX 560 SE has much more in common with the OEM GTX 555.

As the branding suggest, GTX 560 SE is a salvaged GF114 derivative with 2 SMs disabled for a total of 288 SP and 48 TMU. The core is clocked at 776 MHz and shaders at 1552 MHz. 1 MC is disabled, so the memory interface is 192-bit mated to 3828 MHz 1GB GDDR5 for a total bandwidth of 92 GB/s.

GTX 560 SE will offer similar performance to GTX 555 OEM and is squarely aimed at AMD's latest Radeon HD 7770. While the aging GF114 is never going to match the performance/watt ratio offered by AMD's latest 28nm GPUs, the GTX 560 SE will offer excellent performance/price value if priced around the $150 mark - much like the GTX 460 SE did towards the end of GF104's relatively short life cycle.

The GTX 560 SE is being rushed to the market and should be available within weeks. Looking forward, we hope this is the last in a long line of muddled GTX 560 branding and the next major graphics card from NVIDIA be GK104 based.

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