Sneak peak: Atomic + liquid nitrogen = funtiemz

Whoah! Can't wait to see the high-res pictures and video from that shoot. The preview looks amazing already!

No overclockers, journalists* or OH&S officers** were harmed in the making of this video.

Yesterday, our new Reviews Editor, Matt Wilson, invited GIGABYTE's own Dino Strkljevic (and also TeamAU OC luminary) for a bit of chill-out time. By which we mean an extended sub-zero overclocking day in aid of a special feature in an upcoming issue. If you're on our Facebook page, you'd have already gotten some of the action.

Matt's pretty handy with a dewar, and Dino's a vet, so the two just ripped straight into things. Ultimately, the session was all about getting some good photography to illustrate the piece, and if we broke a few records... yeah, no harm.

However, we're also working on producing some cool new wallpaper from the shoot, and Josh, the video guy, thought it might be neat to video some of the action. So here's a special sneak peak!

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